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Holy Family Triduum 2023

September 15th, 16th and 17th, 2023
Retreat Director: Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP
Location: Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, North Jackson, OH

Triduum 2023 is three great days passed in Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine, under the loving gaze of our Blessed Mother and the guidance of our spiritual Father, St. Paul.  Members from all over the country relax on the grounds, renew old friendships or make new ones, attend lectures on subjects relevant to their vocation and, most of all, take further steps through Church ceremonies on their way to full membership. Meanwhile their children –from infants to teenagers– take part in games and exercise under the direction of qualified guides, and there is a general atmosphere of joy and festivity enhanced by excellent meals.

TRIDUUM  SCHEDULE (Eastern Standard Times)

September 15, 2023 - Friday
8:30 AM    -    Registration/Continental Breakfast (Hall)
9:30 AM    -    Prayer/Assembly/Forum (Hall)
12:00 NN  -    Lunch (Hall)
1:30 PM    -    1st Conference (Chapel)
2:15 PM    -    Break (Hall)
2:45 PM    -    Eucharistic Visit (Chapel)
4:00 PM    -    Mass - Entrance into Novitiate and

                        Renewal of Marriage Vows (Chapel)
5:00 PM    -    Supper (Hall)

September 16, 2023 - Saturday
9:00 AM      -    Pauline Prayers (Chapel)
9:30 AM      -    Continental Breakfast (Hall)
10:00 AM    -    2nd Conference (Hall)
11:00 AM    -    Mass - First Professions & Renewals (Chapel)
12:00 NN    -    Lunch (Hall)
1:30 PM      -    3rd Conference (Hall)
2:30 PM      -    Break (Hall)
3:00 PM      -    Confession (Chapel)
3:30-4:30 PM  -   Confession & Eucharistic Visit (Chapel)

4:30 PM      -    Picture Taking
5:00 PM      -    Supper

September 17, 2023 - Sunday
9:30 AM     -    Continental Breakfast (Hall)
10:00 AM   -    4th Conference (Hall)
11:00 AM   -    Personal Time
12:00 NN   -    Lunch (Hall)
1:30 PM     -    Eucharistic Visit (Chapel)
2:30 PM     -    Mass - Perpetual Professions (Chapel)

Download 2023 Triduum Booklet



Kindly let Fr. Matthew know if you are coming and ages of the children. This is very important so that we can prepare what is needed.



The cost of the food is $85.00 for adults; children 5-11 years: $40.00; free under 5 years. Special arrangement is available upon need. Please send funds to: Fr. Matthew, P. O. Box 498, Canfield, Ohio 44406


There are many hotel options in the area, including:  Sleep Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites, etc. Please check with them based on your personal needs. Sleep Inn - $90; Fairfield by Marriott - $120; Hampton Inn - $160; Holiday Inn Express - $210.


We offer free transportation to and from the Cleveland Airport. If you are in need of transportation, contact Dan Coulter at 330-727-5334,  or e-mail him at He can arrange to pick up at any hotel at the I-80 and OH-46 Intersection. We will do our best to accommodate any date and time. If needed, there will be ONE Sunday transport, which will leave between 11 A.M. and Noon. This means you will leave before lunch and before the final liturgy, even if you scheduled a later Sunday departure.  Please email Dan to make arrangements and kindly include the following details:
1) Names of all travelers in your party;

2) Dates of travel; 

3) Arriving airline and flight number;

4) Expected arrival time in CLE; 

5) Departure time from CLE; and

6) Cell phone number for contacting you at the airport.


Friday - First conference by Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP







Saturday - Second conference by Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP








Saturday - Third conference by Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP




Sunday - Fourth conference by Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP





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